emily marquez

Emily Marquez

Emily’s research background is in comparative endocrinology, reproductive development and endocrine disruption. Emily works in PAN’s Grassroots Science program, translating science and managing PAN projects using the Drift Catcher with community partners. She is co-author of PAN’s reports on children’s environmental health and pesticides: A Generation in Jeopardy (2012) and Kids on the Frontline (2016). In graduate school at Boston University in the laboratory of Professor Ian Callard, she studied live-bearing snakes and wrote her dissertation on the effects of an EPA Superfund site’s soil on the expression of genes that play a role in reproduction, using turtles as a model. Emily majored in History and Integrative Biology as an undergraduate at the University of California, Berkeley and did undergraduate research on the effects of sex steroids on sex determination and development in snakes, turtles, and lizards. Before joining PAN in 2012, Emily briefly did postdoctoral research projects at UC Davis and UC Berkeley.