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Big News! Welcome PAN's new Executive Director

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I’m writing with significant news. Please allow me to introduce you to a fabulous new member of the PAN community, our incoming Executive Director, Judy Hatcher. The entire team here at PAN is so thrilled to have Judy at the helm, and we hope you'll join us in welcoming her.

Judy’s commitment to environmental justice and transformational social change runs deep, and she has spent her life honing her ability to actualize this passion and undertaking. She brings to PAN decades of experience, along with wise,  gentle and profoundly strong leadership. And a brilliant sense of humor! 

Judy has been my colleague and mentor, and I am confident that her leadership will pay tremendous and immediate dividends in this next phase of our work together. To get a sense of Judy, I encourage you to watch this video, where Judy introduces herself to the PAN community.

For my part, I am staying with PAN, as are fellow co-directors Heather Pilatic and Steve Scholl-Buckwald. After nearly seven years in a management role here, I will now return to my organizing, science and farm roots and contribute to our community in new ways on the front lines of PAN’s campaigning team. Heather will continue to lead PAN’s strategic communications, and Steve will oversee finance and administration. And we really mean this: we’re all very excited to have the chance to work with Judy.

Know too, that PAN is in a very strong place for this transition. We are on sound financial footing and the network is more robust than ever. The PAN community of more than 80,000 supporters, and over 600 organizations in 90 countries around the world, is remarkable in its tenacity and longevity in continuing to press forward for change. We are proud of all that PAN has accomplished these last few years, and look forward to continuing to work together in the years ahead.

With excitement, hope, and deep thanks for your ongoing support, please help me welcome Judy into the PAN family on PAN's facebook page. Onward!

Kathryn Gilje
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