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About every five years, the U.S. Congress passes the biggest set of food and farming policies

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PAN advocates for change at the national level, promoting positive legislative efforts, pushing the EPA, USDA and Congress to implement pesticide-related protections for the people, and supporting efforts in our national courts to insure measures are carried out.

We participate in many federal coalition spaces, including Coming Clean and the HEAL Food Alliance, where we work on climate, toxic pesticides, and farmer-and farmworker justice issues. We help coordinate advocacy strategies across states and also connect the local and regional struggles in the US with international movements.

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In our policy work, PAN advocates for a food and agriculture system shaped by communities; particularly rural people, farmers and farmworkers, indigenous peoples, and advocates for public health. We push federal decision-makers to reject industry-backed false solutions and implement pesticide protections rooted in the precautionary principle.

We believe that more and smaller farms, with a diverse population of farm stewards, can do more to address climate change and food insecurity than actions that are focused on corporate profits.

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Our agriculture and food systems are stuck on a pesticide treadmill that threatens the health of our communities, our children, and our environment.  PAN’s work on public health over the years has been to gather evidence using participatory science and develop resources in partnership with advocates and community members that illustrate the problem and outline solutions.

These resources, such as our Pesticide Info database and our Kids on the Frontline report make information available to the public to support actions for change toward agroecology.

The Pesticide Treadmill

Check out this graphic on how Big Ag induces farmers to get stuck on the pesticide treadmill.


Kids on the Frontline

Kids on the Frontline

“Kids on the Frontline” reflects a rigorous assessment of dozens of independent studies documenting links between pesticide exposure and children’s

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Willa Childress

Organizing Co-Director, and State Policy Lead

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