Pesticide Action Network | Reclaiming the future of food and farming.
Reclaiming the future of food and farming
  • Melons
    What if we used <1% of our land differently?

    Farmer Rob Faux on a new, healthy approach to how we value land. Learn more

  • Pitchfork farm
    "Bet the Farm": When the math just doesn’t add up

    In Bet the Farm, author and beginning farmer Beth Hoffman discovers the math on making a living farming often just doesn’t add up. Learn more

  • Barren field
    Pesticides and climate change

    Tackling climate change will require a widespread shift away from pesticide-dominated agriculture to agroecology. Learn more

  • Cropduster
    Unfinished business: Completing the chlorpyrifos ban

    The chlorpyrifos ban we’ve been celebrating isn’t quite finished. Iowa farmer Rob Faux shares his perspective. Learn more

  • Kristin Schafer in Iowa
    PAN Executive Director Kristin Schafer to Step Down

    After 25 years, PAN Executive Director Kristin Schafer announced that she will be stepping down early next year. Learn more

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After a brief attempt in 2020, the Protect...

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The need for local food resources is a topic I find myself writing about frequently. As a farmer who maintains a...

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In Bet the Farm, author and beginning farmer Beth Hoffman describes the harsh reality of the economics of...

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Not only do pesticides affect our health and the environment, but they also play a part, both directly and...


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