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Reclaiming the future of food and farming
  • Of radishes, politics & hope

    The phrase “food is political” pops up all the time, and has particular weight as we head toward the finish line of this incredibly fraught election season. Learn more

  • Dismantling the postal service hurts farmers and rural communities

    Crippling the US Postal Service is a terrible blow to rural areas that are already behind when it comes to many other services. Learn more

  • PACTPA: Putting people before pesticides

    Each year the United States uses over one billion pounds of pesticides. Now, a new bill aims to significantly overhaul U.S. pesticide rules. Learn more

  • Farmworkers have always been essential

    The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for everyone, but especially for essential farmworkers, who have been some of the hardest hit. Learn more

  • PAN statement in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter

    PAN stands in solidarity with the Black community and protesters across the country, demanding justice and calling for an end to systemic racism and oppression. Learn more

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The Senate Must #SaveThePostOffice!

USPS is a critical resource for farmers and rural communities. Urge your Senators to protect the Postal Service.

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Skilled farmers are aware that every tool and every technique for raising a crop has its risks and rewards.

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In August, the California Department of Pesticide Regulation released new data on acute pesticide-related illnesses...

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The phrase “food is political” pops up all the time in the food and farm movement world, and has particular weight...

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One of the more exciting days on the farm is the one where we get a call just after 6 AM from the local...


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