Pesticide Action Network | Reclaiming the future of food and farming.
Reclaiming the future of food and farming
  • Businessman in field
    Here’s a leadership opportunity, Mr. Regan

    Much as the chemical industry likes to complain about regulation, the fact is that the regulatory process in the U.S. is captured by corporate interests. Learn more

  • Spraying pesticides farm
    The #ToxicAlliance & the Food Systems Summit

    Last month, peasant movements and Indigenous peoples sent a strong message to the UN Food Systems Summit: A corporate-driven approach will not address the crises in our food systems. Learn more

  • Tanya
    Partner spotlight: Tanya RedRoad and Toxic Taters

    "My spirit name is Biidabanaakwe. My English name is Tanya RedRoad. I’m very excited to announce that I have stepped into the role of Coordinator for the Toxic Taters Coalition." Learn more

  • Soil on farm
    The ground we walk on

    "With the awareness that farming often damages the soil comes a responsibility to find a balance between successfully growing food and doing our best to maintain the health of the soil we rely on." Learn more

  • Family on farm
    Guest blog: Dealing with drift

    Minnesota activist Bonnie Wirtz shares her personal story detailing the physical and emotional toll of pesticide drift. Learn more

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We did it!

After years of organizing, legal action, and advocacy, we now have a national ban for chlorpyrifos use on food crops! Thanks for your support!


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Late last month, peasant movements, Indigenous peoples and civil society organizations (CSOs) sent two strong...

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My spirit name is Biidabanaakwe. My English name is Tanya RedRoad. I am a descendant of the Little Shell Chippewa...

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Update: Just last week, EPA announced a ban on all food uses of chlorpyrifos! Though the decision is not perfect —...

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The land on which we grow and forage food is a complex ecosystem that supports and sustains us; how we view...


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