Mission, Vision & Values

Who We Are

PAN uses grassroots science, strategic communications and coalition organizing to build power with communities across the U.S. and around the world to confront the harms of industrial agriculture and build solutions. We are one of five regional centers who cooperate to transform systems of food and farming across the globe.

Our Mission

PAN’s mission is to end reliance on hazardous pesticides and achieve health, resilience and justice in food and farming.

Our Vision

We work toward food and farming systems that lead to this tomorrow:
  • Our bodies and children are free from pesticides and the diseases they cause.
  • Our soil, water and air are clean and are held safe for future generations.
  • Agriculture supports vibrant, thriving local economies, communities and ecosystems.
  • Worldwide, the work of producing food is honored and compensated fairly.
  • Workers all along the food chain are treated with dignity and earn a living wage.
  • No one’s life is cut short or constrained by poverty, racism or other forms of structural or systemic violence across the food system.

Our Values

Collaboration: By sharing our skills in science, communications, and organizing through equitable relationships with impacted communities, we provide tools and processes they can own and use in the service of self-identified campaigns. We embrace and actively seek a wide-range of viewpoints, striving to create meaningful and respectful space for partners, staff and board members with different identities and life experiences. Diversity builds resilience, and leads to wise and appropriate solutions to complex problems.

Equity: PAN is strengthened by sharing leadership and leveraging power to support campaigns and partners in frontline communities. We strive to examine and actively curtail the impact of our own power and privilege in all situations, as they are a disservice to equity. We actively seek to name and counter systemic oppression in our food system, working with communities to champion policies and practices that ensure the right to food that is safe, healthy, accessible, and culturally appropriate. 

Solidarity: PAN remains true to our origins through active alliances with PAN International and partners in the Global South – as a global network, we strive for international equity. We take action to deepen our understanding of oppression and stand in solidarity with others who are dedicated to building a just world. We commit to being a visible ally and taking public positions not only on oppression within the food system, but also within the broader social justice movement.