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PAN is working to build a vision of Iowa that embraces the principles of agroecology –  acknowledging, learning about, accepting, and promoting complexity in our agricultural and food systems.  This complexity manifests itself in the ecological, social and economic aspects of agriculture.

We seek to promote agroecology through educational materials and presentations at schools, colleges, farming communities, and public health spaces in the state.

Crop Duster

The reliance on pesticides for agriculture in Iowa makes it increasingly difficult for small-scale, diversified farms to succeed.  Chemicals and their break-down products can not be successfully contained in their target areas.  Pesticide drift can occur during application when winds are too high, and drift can occur days after application through volatilization or movement due to rainfall and leaching.

PAN is working to promote improved drift reporting and enforcement in the state by supporting appropriate legislation and policies with our partner organizations.

Farm intercrop

Iowa has an opportunity to improve land access and put more people in position to be land stewards at a time when land transition from an aging population is increasing.

PAN stands with its partners against the system that promotes farm consolidation, creating larger farms, often with corporate or absentee owners.  We support making land accessible to young and new farmers, farmers of color, and Indigenous peoples as part of an overall strategy to diversify our landscape and create a healthy place for us all to live.

Pesticide Drift: What to know


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