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by Kathryn Gilje

I am thrilled to welcome you to GroundTruth, the official blog of Pesticide Action Network (PAN) North America. Different than a daily digest or our past news service (PANUPS), GroundTruth offers perspectives from the global PAN community in an interactive format that will showcase a variety of voices. Bloggers will report on the latest science, offer readers timely analysis, and share news and opportunities for action that can change our world. GroundTruth will continue PAN’s strong tradition of decoding pesticide science & speaking truth to power, from the ground up.

Some of us within the 28-year-old network are nervous about blogging, we’ll admit that. Scientists, analysts, organizers, ordinary people – sharing candidly and personally, in our own voices, has caught at least a few of us with that deer–in–the–headlights look. But we’re working through it, because we’re clear that the timing for the GroundTruth conversation couldn’t be more urgent:

  • We face a daily onslaught of chemicals – on average we're exposed to 10-13 pesticides in our food and drink every day.
  • Ten giant pesticide corporations increasingly control how food is grown around the world.
  • Solutions exist, and they need our strong support so that everyone has access to healthy, nourishing food. Organic and agroecological farming offer robust solutions for our interlocked and worsening climate, water and public health crises while offering tremendous potential as an engine of economic development (powered by people and the sun).

PAN will use GroundTruth (along with our new, more user-friendly website) to spark solutions-oriented dialogue and engage you in targeted actions. We seek food democracy, healthy agriculture and an end to reliance on chemicals too hazardous for our health and ecosystems to bear.

The details:

  • We’ll post blogs as news and analysis happens. We’ll link to robust resources and opportunities to go deeper.
  • We can deliver GroundTruth to your inbox as it happens (sign up here), or in a weekly digest format.
  • If you find you have a favorite blogger at PAN, you can sign up to recieve just their posts.
  • Blogs and PANUPS both are archived at

We’re just getting started, will enable our comments feature soon – and are very much looking forward to the conversation!  Join us.


Andrew Olsen wrote:

We are thrilled to get to beta-launch, hope everyone enjoys.

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