Build Community

Host a partyWhen it comes to making change, we are most influenced by friends, family members, and people with whom we work and worship. Building community involves creating the spaces where ideas can spread, people can be inspired, and the seeds of action can be sown. This work lays the deep and enduring, person-to-person foundation for change.

There are as many ways to build community as there are individuals who are inspired to connect people and ideas. Here are some tools and ideas to get you started:

Host an event :: Gathering people together in face-to-face settings is enormously poweful.

  • Host a house party. Here's a 2-page "How To" to help with your planning.
  • Throw a dinner party or potluck. Building community through food is as old as human civilization. Our friends at Sustainable Table have a handy kit on themes, food and getting started.
  • Host a film screening. Some of today's most powerful social and environmental change messages are films like Food, Inc. and Vanishing of the Bees.

Spread the word through social networks :: Online communities can be powerful places to share concerns and mobilize action.

  • 'Like' us on Facebook. PAN's facebook page is a great way to connect with PAN staff, Partners, and others in the PAN community. 
  • Banners. If you have your own online space – a blog, FaceBook, a website – upload our banner or logo to spread the word about PAN.
  • Blogrolls. If you have a blogroll, we’d be honored to see GroundTruth listed.

Connect with the PAN community :: Find a PAN Partner in or near your town; find out who’s involved and what they’re working on. Bring a neighbor or friend with you to volunteer for a few hours. Bring your concerns, good ideas and energy along as well.