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Since its inception more than 30 years ago, PAN has recognized the importance of collaboration. Building a healthy, sustainable food system and tackling corporate control of agriculture are challenges much too large for any one organization to take on alone. Cultivating powerful, effective partnerships is core to our work — part of our organizational DNA.
In addition to coalition organizing, we bring our strength in grassroots science and strategic communications to every campaign. Explore our current campaigns below, and find out how you — and your community — can get involved.

Current Campaigns

Today’s kids are sicker than children were a generation ago, and pesticides are part of the reason.

U.S. farmworkers and their families are on the frontlines of chemical-dependent agriculture.

Bees pollinate much of the world's food — and these vital pollinators are in trouble.

Pesticide drift is undermining the health and livelihood of rural families across the country.

Drifting pesticides can undermine farmers’ ability to farm and put children's health at risk.

Parents, teachers and health professionals across the state are working to protect school kids from