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Pesticide Action Network Updates Service (PANUPS)

Resource Pointer #182

October 7, 1998

For copies of the following resources, please contact the appropriate publishers or organizations directly.

*On Good Land: The Autobiography of an Urban Farm, 1998* Michael Ableman. Tells the story of Fairview Gardens, an organic farm situated in suburban Santa Barbara. Chronicles the life of the 100-year-old farm and the current struggle to save it from development. Includes color photographs throughout. 144 pp. US $18.95. To order, contact Chronicle Books, 85 Second St., San Francisco, CA 94105; phone (415) 537-4276; fax (415) 537-4470; web site

*A Time to Act: A Report of the USDA National Commission on Small Farms, January 1998* Outlines eight policy goals for a national strategy for small farms: including creating a framework of support for small farms and providing just and humane working conditions for all people engaged in production agriculture. Includes background information and statistics on small farms in the U.S. 120 pp. For cost and ordering information, contact Secretary of Agriculture, United States Department of Agriculture, Washington D.C. 20250; phone (800) 245-6340.

*Statistical Review of California’s Organic Agriculture 1992-1995, July 1998* Laura Tourte and Karen Klonsky. Provides information on organic commodities, geographic distribution of production, farm profiles and registered organic product handlers. Includes annual statistics. 97 pp. US$18To order, contact UC Agricultural Issue Center, University of California, One Shields Ave., Davis, CA 95616; phone (530)752-2320.

*Food Production and Environmental Stewardship: Examples of How Food Companies Work With Growers, 1998* U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Profiles 40 food companies working with growers to influence agricultural practices to reduce environmental impacts. Outlines company activities as well as barriers in stewardship implementation. For cost and ordering information, contact National Center for Environmental Publications and Information (NCEPI), 11029 Kenwood Rd, Building 5, Cincinnati, OH 45242; phone (513) 489-8190; fax (513) 489-8695.

*Co-operative Approaches to Sustainable Agriculture, 1998* Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Examines farmer led sustainable agriculture organizations in OECD countries, their relationships with the different levels of government and their potential role in defining and implementing sustainable agriculture. Highlights examples in Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands and Canada. 107 pp. US$20 To order, contact Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, Washington Center, 2001 L St. N.W., Suite 650, Washington D.C. 20036-4922; tel. (202) 785-6323; fax (202) 785-0350; email [email protected].



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