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Resource Pointer #198

March 3, 1999

For copies of the following resources, please contact the appropriate publishers or organizations directly.

*Engineering Genesis: The Ethics of Genetic Engineering in Non-human Species, 1998* Donald Bruce and Ann Bruce (eds.) Examines ethics of genetic engineering as well as social and environmental impacts. Looks at impacts on animal wellbeing and international food systems. Includes case studies on soil bacteria, oilseed rape, genetically modified insect viruses, tomatoes, bovine somatotrophin and xenotransplantation. 335 pp.UK$12.99. Contact Earthscan Publications, FREEPOST 1, 120 Pentonville Rd., London N1 9BR; phone (01-71) 278-0433; fax (01-71) 837-6348.

*A Brief History of Biotechnology Risk Debates and Policies i the United States, 1998* Philip J. Regal. Examines the engineering ideal in biology. Gives a chronological overview of biotechnology issues ranging from early concerns like germ warfare and biohazards to “deliberate release”. Outlines the process of public and scientific debate over biotechnology issues.39 pp. Contact the Edmond’s Institute, 20319 92nd Ave. West, Edmonds, Washington 98020; phone (425) 775-5383; fax (425) 670-8410.

*How the Terminator Terminates: An Explanation for the Non-scientist of a Remarkable Patent for Killing Second Generation Seeds of Crop Plants, 1998* Martha L. Crouch. Gives a biological overview of how terminator technology works. Examines related concerns such as genetic drift, safety of food containing terminator technology toxins, and unforeseen mutations of the technology. 30 pp. Contact the Edmond’s Institute, 20319 92nd Ave. West, Edmonds, Washington 98020; phone (425) 775-5383; fax (425) 670-8410.

*Monsanto’s Transgenic Potatoes on the Loose in Georgia (1996-1998): The Need for International Biosafety Protocol, 1998* Greenpeace. Provides historical overview of import and cultivation of Monsanto’s transgenic potatoes in Georgia, one of the former republics of the Soviet Union. Examines possible ecological and public health impacts, including loss of organic resources such as Baccillus thuringiensis. Presents Greenpeace demands and recommendations for reparations in Georgia as well as future biosafety precautions. 20 pp. Contact Louise Gale, Greenpeace International, Keizersgracht 176, 1016 DW Amsterdam, The Netherlands; phone (31-20) 523-6222; fax (31-20) 523-6200; email

*Rachel’s Environment and Health Weekly, Online News Service* Covers environmental and environmental public health issues. Last three issues focus on genetic engineering. Issue #637 and #638 review Marc Lappe and Britt Bailey’s new book, Against the Grain, examining the ways in which biotechnology is creating an agricultural revolution. Outlines most recent biotechnology developments, shortcomings of regulations and corporate interests such as Monsanto’s. #638 further looks at biotechnology and products such as the terminator technology and the genetically altered milk hormone, rBGH. To start your own free subscription, send email to with the words SUBSCRIBE RACHEL-WEEKLY (YOUR NAME) in the message. Contact Environmental Research Foundation, P.O. Box 5036, Annapolis, MD 21403; Fax (410) 263-8944; email:

We encourage those interested in having resources listed in the PANUPS Resourse Pointer to send review copies of publications, videos or other resources to our office.



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