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Resource Pointer #301 (Genetic Engineering)
December 12, 2002

For copies of the following resources, please contact the appropriate publishers or organizations directly.

*Genetically Krafted: The Movie! 2002* Online video. Genetically Engineered Food Alert Coalition. Warns that Kraft foods, eaten by 99% of U.S. consumers, contain unlabeled genetically engineered (GE) food ingredients that have not been tested for human consumption. Notes Kraft products that contain GE ingredients such as, Stove Top Stuffing, Snackwell’s crackers, Lunchables, Post Blueberry Morning Cereal, more. 90 seconds. Visit (Requires Flash software.) Contact GE Food Alert Coalition; phone (202) 783-7400 x190; email; Web site

*Eating in the Dark: America’s Experiment with Genetically Engineered Food, 2002* Kathleen Hart. Reveals the regulatory processes that quietly allowed genetically engineered (GE) food into the U.S. food supply without testing for long-term effects on consumer health and the environment. Includes interviews with scientists, farmers, activists, industry members and government regulators on GE food safety issues. 338 pages. US$25. Contact Pantheon Books, Random House, Inc., 1540 Broadway, New York, NY 10036; phone (212) 782-9000; fax (212) 302-7985; Web site

*Dinner at the New Gene Café: How Genetic Engineering is Changing What We Eat, How We Live, and the Global Politics of Food, 2001* Bill Lambrecht. Compiles 15 years of reporting material and interviews with farmers, activists, industry representatives and government regulators from around the world. Examines growing corporate control of global seed markets and growing international debate over GE crops. 383 pages. US$25. Contact St. Martin’s Press 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010; phone (888) 330-8477; fax (800) 672-2054; Web site

*Against the Grain: The Threat of Genetically Engineered Wheat, 2002* Rod MacRae, Holly Penfound and Charles Margulis. Outlines the development status of genetically engineered (GE) wheat. Notes that Roundup-Ready wheat is close to commercialization. Discusses international opposition to GE wheat and issues of: export market loss, organic crop contamination, superweed development, and lack of regulatory and segregation infrastructures. 68 pages. Contact Greenpeace Canada, 250 Dundas St. W, Suite 605, Toronto, ON M5T 2Z5, Canada; phone (416) 597-8408; fax (416) 597-8422; email; Web site

*The Real Board of Directors: The Construction of Biotechnology Policy in Canada, 1980-2002, 2002* Devlin Kuyek. Traces the intentionally-secretive development of Canadian biotechnology funding policies. Names key players who channeled billions of dollars in public funds to biotech businesses. 86 pages. CAN$13.00 or download free at Contact The Ram’s Horn, S-6, C-27, RR #1, Sorrento, BC V0E 2W0, Canada; phone/fax (250) 675-4866; email; Web site

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