PANNA: Resource Pointer #395 (Guides to Organics in the U.S.)


Resource Pointer #395 (Guides to Organics in the U.S.)
September 8, 2005

For copies of the following resources, please contact the appropriate publishers or organizations directly.

*Local Harvest, website* A finder for farmers’ markets, community supported agriculture (CSAs), family farms and other sources of sustainably grown and organic food throughout the U.S. Includes search tools for farmers, market managers and businesses related to locally-grown food to add their own listings. Contact Local Harvest, 220 21st Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95062; phone (831) 475-8150; fax (831) 401-2418.

*Travel Organic: A Travelers Guide to Organic Choices, website* Free travel directory and guide for U.S. organic products and services. Created to make it easier for people to find sustainable, organic goods and services at home as well as while away from home. Directory includes restaurants, hotels and inns, coffee places, juice bars, grocers, markets. Contact LLC, P.O. Box 4485, Austin, Texas 78765-4485; email

*The Organic Guide to Sonoma, Napa, and Mendocino (California) Counties, 5th Edition, 2005* Community Action Publications. Provides information about organics, small farms and community gardens, and effective consumer actions to support them. Offers the author’s favorite places to find delicious organic food, wines and more in Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino with an indexed list and map. 193 pages. $14.95. Contact Patricia Dines, Community Action Publications, 708 Gravenstein Hwy N Suite 104-W, Sebastopol, CA 95472; phone (707) 829-2999; email; website

*The Organic Food Guide: How to Shop Smarter and Eat Healthier, 2004* Steve Meyerowitz. Provides a thorough but non-technical introduction to organic food. Topics include product labeling, health and nutrition, environmental quality and pricing. Defines and explicates terms such as Free Range, No GMOs, All Natural, Locally Grown, Fair Trade and No rGBH. 88 pages. $8.95. Contact Sproutman Publications, P.O. Box 1100, Great Barrington, MA 01230; phone (413) 528-5200; fax (413) 528-5201; email; website

*The New Farm: Guide to U.S. Organic Certifiers, website* A guide for farmers to select organic certifiers. Consists of a searchable database intended to be a decision-making tool for farmers. Users can browse all certifiers, compare two certifiers side by side, or search for certifiers according to particular criteria. Contact The Rodale Institute, 611 Siegfriedale Road; Kutztown, PA 19530-9320; phone (610) 683-1400; fax (610) 683-8548; email; website or

We encourage those interested in having resources listed in the PANUPS Resource Pointer to send review copies of publications, videos or other resources to our office.

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