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Advocating for bees in California’s capitol

Yesterday, a few dozen people filled a room in downtown Sacramento just blocks from the state Capitol building to celebrate a small but critical ally – the honey bee. They tasted food and drinks made with local honey, and learned about steps they can take to protect the threatened pollinator.

PAN was on hand to provide information about the link between bee declines and increased exposure to a systemic class of pesticides (neonicotinoids), while partners Slow Food Sacramento and the California State Grange explained the importance of pollinators to the food system as well as the agricultural economy.

The event also honored a resolution introduced in the California legislature last week by Assemblymember Michael Allen (Sonoma) and Senator Mark Leno (San Francisco). Assemblymember Allen shared his own commitment to the resolution calling on state and federal regulators to take action to protect pollinators:

The Legislature urges the EPA and the [California Department of Pesticide Regulation] to create a clear timeline and plan of action for addressing pesticides that pose harm to pollinators…

On the same day, PAN supporters across the country also pledged their commitment to protecting pollinators. Over 1,700 people pledged their support for honey bees through a new website launched jointly by PAN and Beyond Pesticides. Supporters mapped their own Honey Bee Havens, and committed to providing food, water and shelter for bees as well as protecting them from pesticides.

Help us create a groundswell of support for honey bees» Join us online and help make the movement to protect bees visible!

Picture of Pesticide Action Network

Pesticide Action Network

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