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Honoring farmworkers on Cesar Chavez day

Each year at the end of March we join partners across the country celebrating National Farmworker Awareness Week, a nationwide event honoring farmworkers and their families. The celebration culminates today, on Cesar Chavez Day.

A week set aside to raise awareness about the more than two million workers who plant, tend and harvest our food is a wonderful opportunity. This year, we invite you to explore — and share — the great resources below as National Farmworker Awareness Week (#NFAW) wraps up.

Farmworkers and their families are clearly on the frontlines of chemical-dependent agriculture year round. That’s why we work with farmworker advocates to press for new, stronger national rules protecting workers from pesticides on the job. And that’s also why we’re a founding member of the Equitable Food Initiative.

Please dive into at least one (maybe all!) of the pieces below, and share the links — and the ideas they spark — with your online community, friends and family.

Highlights from GroundTruth 

More food for thought

  • TEDxFruitvale: Harvesting Change: In 2011, the Bon Appétit Management Company Foundation hosted 24 speakers providing thought-provoking information and inspiring ideas related to farmworkers and food system change.  
  • Pesticide Lake: EarthJustice and Food Chains director Sanjay Rawa collaborated to produce this powerful seven minute film exposing the complex links between pesticide exposure and disease. 
  • Student Action with Farmworkers: Check out this great website for more on NFAW and related farmworker issues.

Start here, learn more — and join the conversation about building a food system that’s healthy, thriving and sustainable for all. Si Se Puede!

Picture of Pesticide Action Network

Pesticide Action Network

Pesticide Action Network is dedicated to advancing alternatives to pesticides worldwide. Follow @pesticideaction

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