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Still no Farm Bill? Now’s the time.

In a recent blog, I showcased farmers and environmentalists joined in a common Farm Bill mission with faith communities, moms and organic “foodies.” I'm happy to report that the broad-based movement for smarter farm policies continues to expand, and pressure on Congress is building. We invite you to add your voice.

October celebrations of Food Day included an urgent Farm Bill focus — bringing together food movement leaders, organizations, physicians, nutritionists, labor leaders, environmentalists, farmers, chefs, authors, cookbook writers, parents, children and teachers.

It’s the demonstration of a united, diverse front that will convince our elected representatives that we mean business — and that they must listen. People from all walks of life are joining in the call for a Farm Bill that:

  • Invests in the future of healthy farms, food and people;
  • Protects our precious air, soil and water; and
  • Reforms farm subsidies and levels the playing field.

And the list goes on, from the tens of thousands of organized college students in the Real Food Challenge, to leaders in research and policy development, to U.S. members of the global grassroots Slow Food movement.

In short, access for all to adequate supplies of healthy food is a right that depends on a healthy, viable and just farming system. This must trump the interests of short-sighted, deep-pocketed agribusiness corporations. This means passing a 2012 Farm Bill that protects our nation’s health, our farmers and our natural resources. And doing it now.

Please stick with us in this fight for a fair Farm Bill. The next few months are crucial.

Take action » Join the broad-based, national push for a 2012 Farm Bill. Our goal: 50,000 signatures to Congress.

Picture of Margaret Reeves

Margaret Reeves

Margaret Reeves is a PAN Senior Scientist with expertise in agroecology and soil ecology. As a long-time farmworker advocate, Margaret serves on the Board of the Equitable Food Initiative and works with partners around the country to ensure worker-protective federal and state policy. Follow @MargaretatPAN

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