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Two webinars: Small-scale, diversified farming

PAN staff are frequently participants and presenters in webinars and events focused on diversified farming, small-scale farming and the principles of agroecology.  These are some of the ways we can move away from larger farms that are increasingly reliant on pesticides.  Recently, Rob Faux (PAN’s Communication Manager and steward of the Genuine Faux Farm in Iowa) joined peer small-scale, diversified farmer, Jill Beebout of Blue Gate Farm for two webinars hosted by Practical Farmers of Iowa.

We invite you to listen in as two experienced farmers share stories and practical approaches for small-scale, diversified farms.  While both are located in Iowa, much of what they discuss can be adapted to similar operations elsewhere.

Turning Point: Key Moments for Two Farms Over Two Decades

Over the course of 20 years, practically anything can and will happen on a small-scale, diversified farm that specializes in growing vegetable crops, raising poultry and selling quality food locally. In this webinar, you’ll have a chance to hear two experienced PFI horticulture farmers talk about key moments and important decisions that made a difference, for good or bad, in their operations. Don’t miss this chance to learn vicariously through someone else’s experiences!

Balancing Pollinator Habitat and Wild Spaces with a Small-scale, Diversified Farm

Supporting plant and wildlife diversity on a small-scale farm is an important tool in the farmer’s toolbox. Creating habitat for pollinators and natural predators of crop pests can boost production, and a diversity of life on the farm leads to a healthier farm ecosystem. But the balancing act begins when some of the wildlife doesn’t align with the farm’s production and sales goals. Learn from Jill Beebout of Blue Gate Farm and Rob Faux of Genuine Faux Farm as they discuss ways they encourage the allies that help in their food production, and how they deal with adversarial relationships with deer, woodchuck, gnats and other critters.

Picture of Pesticide Action Network

Pesticide Action Network

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