Speak Up!

Members of Congress every day hear from the monied side of the issue, and they must have this counterbalance by hearing from the grassroots… there is nothing more eloquent to a member of Congress than the voice of his/her constituent.
— Representative Nancy Pelosi

From city council chambers to statehouses to the halls of Congress, your elected representatives want to hear from you. (And if they don’t, that’s all the more reason to be in touch!) The key to influencing them is being a well-informed and persistent constituent.

Taking part in the public conversation makes a difference too. Decisionmakers read the opinion and letters pages of both major and local papers to take a pulse on public opinion. OpEd columns and letters to the editor are particularly powerful ways to frame the debate in your own words, based on your own experience.

The bottom line? Speak up! The resources in boxes below will help you get started.

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