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  • Boy in school
    Tell California to do better for kids

    California’s proposal for protecting schoolchildren in agricultural communities from drift-prone, health-harming pesticides falls short. Kids need and deserve protection from pesticide drift. Act now

  • Bayersanto? Monbayer? Yikes.

    Monsanto has accepted a $66 billion offer from Bayer, heralding another mega merger between pesticide and biotech corporations. Learn more

  • West Africa: Organic cotton & increased yields

    Since 1995, the OBEPAB has been promoting organic cotton production in Benin. To date, it has successfully trained more than 3,000 farmers in agroecological techniques. Learn more

  • Tell EPA to protect pollinators

    EPA is finally taking a look at bee-harming pesticides. Let's make sure the agency gets this right!. Sign the petition

  • Not looking away

    We are at a historical civil rights moment. Is the food movement ready to step up? Learn more

Take Action

Block "Big 6" mega mergers

Tell Pres. Obama to stop Monsanto and friends from controlling even more of our food system.

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Ignoring the science, California regulators just...

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On October 15, the U.S. Food Sovereignty Alliance awarded the Food...

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Monsanto's herbicide glyphosate is once again in the spotlight. Cancer experts will be reviewing the science on...

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As we celebrate National Farmers’ Day, let's take a moment to honor the women who run...


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