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Reclaiming the future of food and farming
  • Chlorpyrifos bad brains
    Yup, chlorpyrifos is bad for brains

    Following a clear body of science, California just listed the widely used pesticide chlorpyrifos as a "developmental toxicant." Learn more

  • Pruitt's (polluter) priorities

    We saw this coming with Scott Pruitt. Long before he became Administrator of the EPA, his allegiances to industry were clear. Learn more

  • A win! Buffer zones around CA schools.

    After years of pressure from communities across California, the state finally took action to protect schoolchildren from agricultural pesticide exposure. Learn more

  • Monsanto's playbook, revealed

    Monsanto executives will not be happy about Carey Gillam's new book. Learn more

  • Farmer Equity Act signed into law

    California governor Jerry Brown signs landmark legislation that will require California officials to focus on and address the challenges facing farmers of color. Learn more

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Following a clear body of science, California just listed chlorpyrifos as a "developmental toxicant." The...

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Along with PAN International colleagues, we'll be honoring International Day of No Pesticide Use on December 3. This...

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After much public debate, the European Union (EU) recently determined that it will renew glyphosate for another five...

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With the holiday season upon us, food is top of mind for many. In addition to an opportunity to celebrate with our...


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