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  • Rural school bus
    Voices from the Frontline: Claudia Angulo

    Claudia Angulo's kids attend California schools near citrus groves with heavy pesticide use. A biomonitoring study of her son found over 50 different pesticides in his body. Learn more

  • Child
    Pruitt's EPA ignores science, bows to Dow

    EPA chief rejects own agency's science & refuses to ban chlorpyrifos, a widely used neurotoxic chemical that study after study shows can harm the development of children's brains. Learn more

  • Scientist
    The Perfect, the Good & the EPA

    Instead of tearing down the EPA, let's focus on its mission — protecting our health and the natural environment — and make sure that it's helping those who need it most. Learn more

  • Bee collecting pollen
    A fighting chance for bees

    In Minnesota, decisionmakers are taking important steps to address declining bee populations, positioning the state as a leader in pollinator protection. Learn more

  • Science is real
    Standing up for science

    As the new administration fundamentally challenges the value of science, scientists across the country are responding by standing up and speaking out. Learn more

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Follow the science on chlorpyrifos, EPA

Tell Pruitt to follow the science on chlopyrifos, and put kids' health above Dow’s corporate profits.

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Tiare Lawrence is a native Hawaiian community leader who focuses on environmental and Hawaiian rights on Maui.

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Trump is expected to tap Sam Clovis, co-chair of his presidential campaign, as head of USDA’s Research, Education...

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Note: The EPA comment period on the proposal to repeal environmental regulations has closed since the time this...

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Of the Big 6 seed and pesticide giants, there are three proposed mergers in the works: Dow with Dupont, Monsanto...


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