Pesticide Action Network | Reclaiming the future of food and farming.
Reclaiming the future of food and farming
  • Waterway
    Voting down the Glypho-Slate

    Find out how a group of community members fought back, and won, against their local water department's use of the herbicide Roundup. Learn more

  • Farmer spotlight: Christina Perez

    Christina Perez expands on how farming has changed her way of thinking and where she looks for solutions with the Social Justice Learning Institute. Learn more

  • EPA re-registers drift-prone dicamba. Really?

    EPA decides to continue its registration of Monsanto’s (now merged with Bayer) highly controversial dicamba-based herbicide, Xtendimax. Learn more

  • Big Ag Greenwashing
    Bayer can’t greenwash away Monsanto’s mess

    Bayer’s corporate record book isn’t clean, and the corporation tries to cover its misdeeds with "greenwashing"  — spreading misleading information to promote themselves as champions of sustainability. Learn more

  • Farmer Justice Fellow Moretta Browne
    Toward farmer justice in California

    The California Farmer Justice Collaborative is a collective of organizations working toward equity with and for historically underserved farmers in California. Learn more


On pesticides and hope

Momentum builds in support of farming models that are regenerative instead of extractive, and support thriving communities.

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Stopping the use of Bayer’s (Monsanto) flagship herbicide Roundup might be perceived as a David and Goliath fight...

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Mai Nguyen (they/them) is a grain farmer, the California Organizer with the National Young Farmers Coalition (NYFC...

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I’m feeling unexpectedly hopeful as 2018 winds down. Though the national political landscape remains tumultuous, we’...

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When it comes to cannabis, California is often perceived by many as “chill” and “radical” with the state’s recent...


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