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Reclaiming the future of food and farming
  • A climate denier as a climate advisor? No thanks.

    The White House announced plans for a new climate panel, and then the president picked a fervent climate science denier to lead it. Learn more

  • The education of an environmentalist

    PAN Communications Manager Emily Summerlin shares key shifts in her learning and thinking over the years that have brought her to today’s fight for a more just food and agriculture system. Learn more

  • Iowa drift
    Iowa needs updated pesticide policies

    Farmers across Iowa are bracing for another year of intense drift, thanks to an increase in use of the herbicide dicamba and other volatile chemicals across the state. Learn more

  • Spraying pesticides
    Chlorpyrifos: EPA fails, lawmakers step up

    Once again, this Administration is proving they value pesticide industry profits more than children’s health. This is not heated rhetoric, it’s a clear-eyed observation. Learn more

  • The decline of insects and what it means

    Alarm bells are ringing over the state of emergency that insects are facing. The decline of even one species could have dire consequences for food and farming. Learn more

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Protect children, not corporate profits

EPA refuses to protect children from chlorpyrifos. Urge Congress to pass the “Ban Toxic Pesticides Act of 2019”.

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Here in the U.S., PAN’s work often focuses on mobilizing action around specific pesticides to  strengthen...

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Feral Heart Farm is a diverse 3.2 acre farm in the Sunol Ag Park in Sunol, CA. Tending to this farm are Aaron...

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In late February, the White House announced plans to put together a panel to see if climate change is really a...

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As the new year begins, I’ve spent some time reflecting on the past 12 months and identifying intentions for the...


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