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Reclaiming the future of food and farming
  • Science not silence
    These are dark days for science

    The "war on science" you hear people talking about? It's real, and we're already seeing the results. Learn more

  • Pesticides threaten salmon & whales, too

    A new, national report shows the threat aquatic wildlife, notably orca and salmon, face from organophosphate pesticides. Learn more

  • Do the crime, pay the fine

    California lawmakers take steps to add stricter penalties for pesticide drift violations, signaling support for the health and safety of the state's farmworkers and farming communities. Learn more

  • A city goes 'organic'

    Portland, Maine unanimously passed a tough ban on synthetic pesticide use in the city, leading many residents to applaud their city’s new “organic” status. Learn more

  • Chlorpyrifos bad brains
    Yup, chlorpyrifos is bad for brains

    Following a clear body of science, California just listed the widely used pesticide chlorpyrifos as a "developmental toxicant." Learn more

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Call on Congress to pass a Food and Farm Bill that supports family farmers and ecological farming practices.

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Kristin Schafer's picture

What are they thinking over at The Atlantic? Later this week, the normally fact-focused magazine and media...

Marcia Ishii-Eiteman's picture

On a brilliant day in July, twenty-some years ago, I stood ankle-deep in the cool mud of a fragrant rice field in...

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I try to be optimistic, but the past year hasn't been a great one for science.

The "war on science" you hear...

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As the new legislative year kicked off in January, PAN joined food and farm groups across California in distributing...


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