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Reclaiming the future of food and farming
  • California kicks chlorpyrifos to the curb

    A momentous win! California Governor Gavin Newsom’s administration makes historic announcement to cancel registration of the brain-harming pesticide chlorpyrifos. Learn more

  • Dicamba, drift and the future of farming

    The devastating agricultural and ecological impacts of pesticide dependence tied to genetically engineered seeds radiate outwards. But there are alternatives. Learn more

  • Who's overseeing restricted pesticides? Anyone?

    California county agricultural commissioners are supposed to evaluate safer alternatives and cumulative exposures of restricted use pesticides. But as it turns out, that’s not really happening. Learn more

  • Meet Monica Moore, PAN's founding director

    For PAN's 35th anniversary, Executive Director Kristin Schafer recently had a conversation with PAN North America’s founding director — and her longtime mentor — Monica Moore. Learn more

  • A Green New Deal for Food and Farming

    Globally, today’s food and agriculture systems are responsible for more climate-change contributing emissions than the world’s cars, trucks, planes, and trains combined. Learn more

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In a new study in the journal Environmental Sciences Europe, researchers documented the presence of...

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A historic announcement was made Wednesday morning when California Governor Gavin Newsom’s administration revealed...

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A recent report from UCLA researchers evaluated the role of California county agricultural commissioners (CACs) and...

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Four years ago, on a sunny day in April much like today, I wrote a post entitled "Roundup, cancer and the future of...


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