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  • Who owns our food system?

    Reports about possible mergers between pesticide/biotech corporations are all over the news. Will the "Big 6" become the "Big 4" or "Big 3" — or perhaps one corporation to rule us all? Learn more

  • Kids on Frontline
    New report: Kids on the Frontline

    The science is clear: our food system’s continued reliance on pesticides is harming the health of children in rural communities and beyond. Learn more

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    Farmworkers plant, cultivate and harvest much of the food we eat every day. How much do you know about the history of the farmworker justice movement in the U.S.? Find out now. Take the quiz

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    Let's make fixing our broken food system a national priority. Urge politicians to support healthy, resilient food and farming. Act now


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On Mother's Day, while eating strawberries out of the garden with my daughter Elia, I was reflecting on all the...

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The phrase “justice delayed is justice denied” has real meaning for children living near California farm fields....

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The science is in. Our food system's continued reliance on pesticides is putting children's health at risk. Kids...

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We've been hearing rumours about possible mergers between pesticide/biotech corporations for a while now. Will...


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