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Reclaiming the future of food and farming
  • Sad child
    EPA turns its back on children's health

    Well if it wasn’t clear before, it’s crystal clear now. This administration’s EPA isn’t protecting children. Learn more

  • Climate change
    Real solutions to climate change

    Frontline community organizers from around the globe join forces to support grassroots solutions to climate change. Learn more

  • Big Ag Greenwashing
    Bayer can’t greenwash away Monsanto’s mess

    Bayer’s corporate record book isn’t clean, and the corporation tries to cover its misdeeds with "greenwashing"  — spreading misleading information to promote themselves as champions of sustainability. Learn more

  • Farmer Justice Fellow Moretta Browne
    Toward farmer justice in California

    The California Farmer Justice Collaborative is a collective of organizations working toward equity with and for historically underserved farmers in California. Learn more

  • Monsanto’s dicamba crisis: guilty as charged

    The number of dicamba drift-related crop injuries sweeping across rural America is rising, along with the outrage, as this unnecessary chemical debacle unfolds. Learn more

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We need a Farm Bill!

Congress left town without finishing their job and the Farm Bill has expired. Urge Congress to pass a sustainable and equitable Farm Bill!

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In mid October, the Food Sovereignty Prize was awarded to two organizations recognized for their commitment to food...

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The Farmworker Association of Florida (FWAF) has been building power with Florida’s farmworkers for more than 25...

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Food doesn’t often play a central role in electoral politics, but in California’s Assembly District 15, a recent...

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Calls have intensified for California regulators to take state-level action on the brain-harming pesticide...


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