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  • Who owns our food system?

    Reports about possible mergers between pesticide/biotech corporations are all over the news. Will the "Big 6" become the "Big 4" or "Big 3" — or perhaps one corporation to rule us all? Learn more

  • Kids on Frontline
    New report: Kids on the Frontline

    The science is clear: our food system’s continued reliance on pesticides is harming the health of children in rural communities and beyond. Learn more

  • "Plate of the Union"

    Let's make fixing our broken food system a national priority. Urge politicians to support healthy, resilient food and farming. Act now

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Block "Big 6" mega mergers

Tell Pres. Obama to stop Monsanto and friends from controlling even more of our food system.

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Outside Bayer’s North Carolina headquarters this week, a beekeeper stood with 2.5 million dead bees — a symbol for...

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Pesticide drift happens all too frequently, especially in rural California where homes, schools and agricultural...

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EPA recently released its assessement of the ecological risks posed by the widely used herbicide atrazine. Agency...

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Berta Cáceres, an outspoken environmental activist and leader of the indigenous Lenca people in Honduras, was...


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