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  • Pruitt's pesticide problem

    Outrage is widespread regarding EPA Administrator Pruitt's reversal of the planned withdrawal of chlorpyrifos – shown to increase risk of learning disabilities, ADHD and autism. Learn more

  • SHouting on farm
    Industry spinning glyphosate tales

    With scrutiny of Monsanto's flagship herbicide RoundUp increasing, the corporation's defense of the product is in high gear. Learn more

  • Farm climate catastrophe
    States step forward to trump climate catastrophe

    After Trump announced withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, states, cities and businesses began stepping up to make their own climate commitments. Learn more

  • Voices from the Frontline: Tiare Lawrence

    Tiare Lawrence is a native Hawaiian community leader who focuses on environmental and Hawaiian rights on Maui. Read about her ideal vision of a just, healthy food system. Learn more

  • Science is real
    Standing up for science

    As the new administration fundamentally challenges the value of science, scientists across the country are responding by standing up and speaking out. Learn more

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USDA, pull Monsanto’s GE seeds off the market

Urge the administration to protect farmer livelihoods over Monsanto’s bottom line.

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Earlier this week I had a chance to be on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC when legislation was introduced to ban...

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Most Californians would be surprised to learn there are over 700 African American farmers in the state.

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A new, large-scale field study is underscoring what we know from previous research: neonicotinoid pesticides are...

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I wonder if EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt thought no one would notice when he decided to ignore his agency's own...


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