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Reclaiming the future of food and farming
  • Scientist in lab
    Taking the science out of Washington

    Scientists protested with their backs turned as Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue announced the decision to move two Department of Agriculture research agencies out of D.C. Learn more

  • Pipeline through farm
    PAN stands against pipelines

    In Minnesota and across the country, PAN stands with those who oppose pipelines — from rural landowners to environmental organizations to Indigenous communities. Learn more

  • The USA lags behind other countries in banning harmful pesticides

    Why is the U.S. still using harmful pesticides that have been banned or are being phased out in the EU, China and Brazil? Learn more

  • Seeds of Resistance: A conversation with Mark Schapiro

    A conversation with author Mark Schapiro about the state of our food and farming system and the release of his new book Seeds of Resistance. Learn more

  • Syngenta’s hazardous pesticides are oh so profitable

    A new report shows Syngenta makes a lot of money selling dangerous pesticides, with low to middle income countries bearing the brunt of the hazards. Learn more

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Tell EPA they work for us, not Monsanto

EPA is poised to re-register glyphosate, despite science showing it can be harmful to human health.

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Last week, it was reported that this past winter saw the highest honey bee colony losses on record. A few days later...

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U.S. election season is already heating up, with the first presidential debate of the 2020 campaign season held two...

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Data released from California’s pesticide drift air monitoring program — which measured air monitoring data every...

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Earlier this month, to the outrage of current employees, members of Congress, and outside observers, Agriculture...


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