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Reclaiming the future of food and farming
  • EPA sneaks approval for harmful herbicide

    EPA approved the harmful herbicide isoxaflutole for use in 25 states by sidestepping the usual public input process for the decision. Learn more

  • This is what corporate capture looks like

    For years, we’ve seen how the pesticide industry works the system to keep their products on the market. But under this administration? It’s beyond the pale. Learn more

  • I want to grow healthy food for you, here is what's stopping me

    A farmer's perspective on pesticide drift and the challenges of growing healthy food. Learn more

  • Resilience Strategies: Water in Burkina Faso

    Farmers in Burkina Faso demonstrate the viability of agroecological farming practices. Learn more

  • Rural recreation has got to wait

    Minnesota should protect rural and Native communities from the high risk of COVID-19 exposure that comes with increased recreational tourism. Learn more

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Urge Congress to protect food chain workers, now!

OSHA needs to issue an emergency temporary standard to protect food workers from COVID-19.

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Earlier this month, the Government of India proposed to phase out 27 pesticides that have already been banned in one...

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The idyllic picture of the traditional farm in the United States often features the sun coming up over a big red...

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Dismantling systemic racism is central component of our work to create healthy, just food and farming systems. 

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For years, we’ve seen how the pesticide industry works the system to keep their products on the market....


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