Pesticide Action Network | Reclaiming the future of food and farming.
Reclaiming the future of food and farming
  • Our future is agroecology

    With the growing threat of climate crisis, utilizing more biodiverse, agroecological systems of food production to promote food security is more important than ever. Learn more

  • Double standard: Germany exporting banned pesticides

    Researchers at PAN Germany’s recent investigation shows that the country is exporting highly hazardous pesticides (HHPs) that have been banned in the EU. Learn more

  • EPA Silent As Dicamba Drift Rages On

    Each year since Monsanto’s dicamba-resistant Xtend seeds have hit the market, farmers and rural communities have braced for record levels of pesticide drift. Learn more

  • Safeguard protections for temporary agricultural workers

    More than two million farmworkers perform some of the most demanding manual labor in this country, yet are the least protected from on-the-job harms. Learn more

  • Winning the chlorpyrifos battle

    After 20 years of focused work with many partners across the US and around the world, chlorpyrifos is on its way out. Learn more

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In early October, the California Farmer Justice Collaborative (CFJC) was thrilled to celebrate two years of The...

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Last week, California got great news from the state’s Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) — use of the brain-...

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While images of the devastating fires in the...

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I saw a fellow Anishinaabe friend recently and asked after their work. Knowing that I was referring to their office...


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