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Reclaiming the future of food and farming
  • COVID-19: Food system resources & initiatives

    In food and farm systems work, resources are being mobilized to support those most in need during this public health crisis — often by directly impacted communities, from the bottom up.

  • Justice, resilience & connection

    In the face of the coronavirus, we’re acutely aware that many of the people we partner with most closely — farmworkers, small farmers and rural families — don’t have the option to stay home. Learn more

  • Locust control campaigns spark health concerns

    Community health advocates in East Africa are raising concerns about pesticide spray campaigns aimed at the recent locust invasion. Learn more

  • Peach farmer
    In farmer vs. Bayer, farmer prevails

    A jury ruled that Bayer and BASF should pay farmer Bill Bader $250 million in punitive damages and $15 million in compensatory damages for pesticide drift. Learn more

  • When corporations regulate themselves

    This month, Corteva announced it would stop making chlorpyrifos, a brain-harming pesticide. Though this is generally welcome news — the win feels complicated. Learn more

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Strengthen protection for child farmworkers

Urge your Rep. to support the CARE Act, to protect children working in agriculture.

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There’s a lot moving out in the world right now. In food and farm systems work, resources are being mobilized to...

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Last night at midnight, a “shelter in place” order went into effect here in Northern California, directing people to...

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Erin Rupp is the founder and executive director of Pollinate Minnesota, an education and advocacy organization...

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As East African farmers and communities scramble to cope with swarms of desert locusts this spring, they are also...


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