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Agroecology is the science behind sustainable agriculture, from the ground up. It encourages democratic, decentralized decision-making by farmers and incorporates practical, low cost and ecology-based technologies for productive farming.

Not only do agroecological farming methods strengthen ecological and economic resilience in the face of today's climate, water and energy crises, they offer a path forward for growing food to feed us all.

Our Focus

Tamil Nadu is in the southeastern region of India, one of the driest areas in a water-scarce country.

Burkina Faso is classified by the World Food Programme as a food-deficit state, where frequent and prolonged droughts leave soils dry, hard, and difficult to cultivate, particularly in the

Cotton farming is important to many households in Benin, representing the primary source of income for almost one fourth of the West African country’s 8.5 million citizens.

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Sin maíz, no hay pais. Without corn, there is no country.

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Extended drought in California, freeze warnings in Oregon, flooding in the Southeast….

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Innovative farmers and ranchers have, for generations, deliberately invested in building soil health. And this year — with the UN’s