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Agroecology provides a robust set of farmer-friendly, innovative, climate-resilient solutions to
Our food and agriculture system is responsible for more climate change-contributing emissions tha
Green farmland
Pesticide-intensive agricultural systems have pervaded communities around the world, bringing sev
Roundup is in the news quite a lot these days.
Monsanto banner
Without a doubt, these are challenging times.
California Farmer Justice
Public concern about hazardous pesticide use is on the rise, and support for a more just food and
Hands holding soil
This summer, the pesticide industry had its day in court—and lost.
Man covering face
With the vacuum of leadership at the federal level, state policymakers are stepping up to protect
Hawai'i chlorpyrifos win
Eighty-seven percent of Minnesotans agree that pollinator declines in the state are a huge concer
Bees flying
While federal food and farming policy — and particularly the Farm Bill process — can seem complex...
Working farm
The “war on science” you hear people talking about?
Science not silence