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Paola Diaz

Paola Diaz
Farmer Justice Fellow

A native New Yorker with familial and ancestral roots in the country of Colombia, Paola is weaving and cultivating connections across the growing food system sector. In 2016 she received her BA in psychology and sociology, with a focus on food systems, from SUNY Binghamton. Since then she has worked on establishing an organics collection program with the NYC Department of Sanitation, supporting the collective city goal of reaching 0 waste to landfills by 2030. Distinct to many concrete jungle dwellers, she has both rural and urban organic farming experience. She has community organized with nonprofits such as Grow NYC, City Harvest, NYC Compost Project, WhyHunger, Bionutrient Food Association, and La Via Campesina, circling in on food justice, food sustainability, and food sovereignty issues, as well as cooking, nutrition, and waste management education. She recently spent some time in Colombia in efforts to connect to her indigeneity and the land of her ancestors, and to learn about and preserve farming practices still used by her great grandmother today. As a first generation American, her mind functions in Spanglish, but she can bilingually and fluently speak both English and Spanish. Now a Sacramento-based PAN farmer justice fellow, she will be supporting local farmers of color, documenting their stories, conducting outreach on California’s Farmer Equity Act and coalition-building with the California Farmer Justice Collaborative, with the overall intention to create a more just, connected and sustainable community and planet.