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Lex Horan
Jun 08, 2017
As the dust settles on Minnesota’s 2017 legislative session, the push for new pollinator protective policies has mostly wrapped up for the year. The outcome? In a year when many, many issues we care about saw major rollbacks, we managed to win a few small victories for pollinators — and hold back the worst proposals that would’ve gutted our state’s pesticide laws. But legislative leaders were remarkably unwilling to look for solutions to the pesticide and pollinator problem, and there is much work still to do. Modest steps for bees The latest statistics on annual losses of honey bee... Read More
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Margaret Reeves
May 30, 2017
Scott Pruitt's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) — in yet another subversion of justice — is bowing to industry interests to delay implementation of two 2015 rules designed to better protect farmworkers and their families from harmful pesticide exposure. How is that "protection?"  Long overdue In 2015, EPA finally improved the 20-year-old federal Worker Protection Standard (WPS). The improvements — most of which were initially implemented this January — include more frequent safety trainings for field workers and increased reporting of on-farm pesticide use. These shifts are... Read More
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Pesticide Actio...
May 18, 2017
This conversation is part three in our “Voices from the Frontline” blog series that tells stories of how pesticides and industrial agriculture directly affect the lives of people across the country. Tiare Lawrence is a native Hawaiian community leader who focuses on environmental and Hawaiian rights on Maui. She recently joined PAN as an on-the-ground organizer to drive our work to protect children and communities from pesticide drift and support clean air and water on the islands. She brings with her a deep and personal understanding of the impacts of industrial agriculture on local... Read More
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Pesticide Actio...
May 17, 2017
We’ve been outraged by Pruitt, apprehensive about Perdue and now with Trump’s latest nomination — this time for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s lead scientist position — we’re frankly baffled. Trump is expected to tap Sam Clovis, co-chair of his presidential campaign, as head of USDA’s Research, Education and Economics division. He appears to be stunningly unqualified for the job. This high-level position has traditionally been reserved for scientists with expertise in agriculture research — recent appointments include a plant physiologist, a comparative biochemist and an M.D./M.S.... Read More
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Kristin Schafer
May 11, 2017
Note: The EPA comment period on the proposal to repeal environmental regulations has closed since the time this blog was published. Reportedly, the 55,000+ responses were full of Americans sharing their experiences of growing up with dirty air and water, and with pleas for the agency not to undo safeguards that could return the country to a more polluted era. Thank you for speaking up! As concerns about the Trump Administration's legitimacy continue to swirl, newly installed agency leaders are plowing ahead with their radical anti-regulatory agenda. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, for... Read More
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Linda Wells
May 04, 2017
Of the Big 6 seed and pesticide giants, there are three proposed mergers in the works: Dow with Dupont, Monsanto with Bayer, and Syngenta with ChemChina. Despite opposition from several farmer organizations, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and other anti-trust agencies around the world seem relatively unconcerned with this ever-increasing concentration in the agrichemical industry. But it’s not over yet — farmers in Iowa and around the country are ramping up their public opposition to the mergers. Each merger is being considered individually, with Dow-Dupont first in the queue. That... Read More
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Pesticide Actio...
May 03, 2017
This conversation is part two in the “Voices from the Frontline” blog series that tells the stories of how pesticides and industrial agriculture directly affect the lives of people across the country. Claudia Angulo is a mother from Orange Cove, CA, whose kids attend schools near heavy pesticide use on citrus groves. In collaboration with the local nonprofit El Quinto Sol De America, a journalist helped Claudia conduct a biomonitoring study of her son — and they found over 50 different pesticides in his body. Claudia has since become a leader and activist within her community for pesticide... Read More
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Abou Thiam
Apr 26, 2017
As we honor World Malaria Day, we in the PAN International network stand with communities around the world suffering from the scourge of this disease. At PAN Africa, we also continue our community work to share better information about environmental strategies for mosquito control — with great progress in communities near Dakar, Senegal, where we've been working since 2012. We are heartened to note the progress made in preventing malaria in Africa, as reported by the World Health Organization (WHO). However it is very concerning to note that of the 73 countries that provided monitoring... Read More
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